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Producers and 186 Advertising Team Up for Flash Savings Campaign

Oct 21, 2016

Three hours, thirty four minutes, and twenty eight seconds.

That’s the amount of real time footage you’ll see in PRODUCERS ‘ thirty second Flash Savings Event spots created in partnership with 186 Advertising for the Central Atlantic Toyota Dealers. “We worked through several concepts and landed on an event that felt big, bold, had impact visually for broadcast and would be sticky across digital channels” details Rip Lambert.

Producers & SKDKnickerbocker collaborate to support Port Covington Development

Sep 8, 2016

The Washington, D.C. office of strategic communications agency SKDKnickerbocker, tapped into the full-service creative capabilities of PRODUCERS to create TV and radio spots for their client, Plank Industries. The multi-spot awareness campaign for the development of Port Covington presents a compelling case for the expansive and forward thinking project.

PRODUCERS Helps Nutramax with Success Stories Web Series

Aug 15, 2016

After fumbling over his words Jim Ryun clasped his hands, and in his humble Kansas twang he said “Let’s try that again.” His wife, Anne, reminds him to smile as she knits and keenly monitors his progress from behind video village.

PRODUCERS Adds To Motion Graphics Team

Jul 25, 2016

“I look forward to eating all the crabs,” says Glauco Dos Santos, PRODUCERS ' newest motion designer, of his recent arrival in Maryland. Dos Santos joined PRODUCERS from Anderson Productions in Connecticut after being attracted to the friendly people and the quality of work. “One of the spots that quickly caught my attention and let me know PRODUCERS is capable of great work was the Under Armour spot titled Cam’s Night Out.”