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Perception Is NOT Everything

Sep 4, 2019

Well sometimes it is, but in this case we beg to differ.

Here goes....

So you’ve built this great company. Put in the time, survived the highs and lows, and have always produced an awesome product for your clients.

You’ve been around for what some would call “forever,” considered successful to a fault, have a stellar reputation and have beaten the odds in your space.

Marriner Marketing Engages PRODUCERS To Work On New 2019 Tourism Campaign

May 15, 2019

“Be Open For It” is the newest tagline for Maryland’s Office of Tourism and PRODUCERS was happy to be open for our role in the newest television campaign for 2019.

Marriner Marketing engaged PRODUCERS to take on all post-production services along with the creation of original music for the series of broadcast and digital spots.

PRODUCERS and MESH collaborate for Baton Rouge General Hospital Project

Apr 19, 2019

The PRODUCERS team landed down south in Baton Rouge, Louisiana to partner with Baton Rouge agency MESH for a series of TV and Radio commercials for Baton Rouge General. The series of :30 and :15 second TV and Radio spots featured several of the important services provided by Baton Rouge General Hospital and their experienced medical staff.

PRODUCERS Continues To Bring Home The Hardware

Aug 24, 2018

With the addition of four new Telly Awards, PRODUCERS continues it success in bringing home the hardware. PRODUCERS was honored to collect Tellys for three different projects.