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Clutch Recognizes Producers as a Top Creative & Design Agency in Maryland

Oct 21, 2020

It takes a special kind of company to help your ideas come to life. We are that company and we’ve been doing it for more than 37 years. PRODUCERS, a video production and post production company in Baltimore, Maryland, is a team of passionate and talented technicians, craftsmen, and creatives that gets the job done. We believe that hardwork and dedication is the key to producing great content and stories.

PRODUCERS In Focus: Featuring Kirk

Nov 15, 2019

The great artist Dale Chihuly once said “I never met a color I didn't like.” I wish I had said that, but I completely agree!

Color grading was, for me, a natural transition in a career that started with a master's degree in still photography, moved into directing and editing the moving image for television, and now includes the title Senior Colorist (After 35 years in the business, the “Senior” part is compulsory).

PRODUCERS In Focus: Featuring Woody

Sep 24, 2019

To study music, we must learn the rules. To create music, we must break them." -- by Nadia Boulanger

I came from a musical family that always had a record spinning on the turntable. My dad woke me up Saturday mornings playing the piano and sung me to sleep with his guitar at night. I was no child prodigy, but I’ve used music to understand and express joy and loss my entire life. It’s a feeling, a place where words aren’t always up to the task.

Perception Is NOT Everything

Sep 4, 2019

Well sometimes it is, but in this case we beg to differ.

Here goes....

So you’ve built this great company. Put in the time, survived the highs and lows, and have always produced an awesome product for your clients.

You’ve been around for what some would call “forever,” considered successful to a fault, have a stellar reputation and have beaten the odds in your space.