So, here’s the thing. We’re big on visuals. It’s kind of what we do. But in order for certain people to “like us”, we need to put this here. If you really want to, read away, if not, just scroll back up and explore the most kick ass website you’ll ever see. As a Baltimore, Maryland based Video Production and Post Production Company, we know what it takes to be the best in Baltimore, Washington D.C. and beyond. That’s why we are. There are a number of different things we do here at Producers. We have a highly skilled video production and film crew that can create the television commercial of your dreams. TV ads not your thing? Totally cool. We also can help craft your corporate video, web film, branded content, social media video, YouTube video, and any other kind of video you can think of. Our team of editors will help craft the message you want to tell. They specialize in not only Avid and Final Cut, but also storytelling. Our Motion Designers create stunning motion graphics using 3D Design and animation, as well as 2D design and animation. They are masters of compositing, tracking, and can even add crowds to an empty stadium. Our Sound Designers are Audio Engineers trained to not only score music to perfection for your next television commercial, but they can also add sound effects and the ambiance that your video project will need to become expert status. And after we’ve created the perfect project, we can send it out and deliver it to you in any format you need. Just to recap: video production, editing, motion graphics, audio production, sending out spots. Yeah, just call us.